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 Sleep: "Nature's soft nurse"
picture2 May 2016 @ 23:38, by Geral W. Sosbee

As I and others have proven by extensive evidence, some circumstantial and most from direct testimony and scientific documentation, the United States government under the direction of the fbi and other agencies engage in widespread assaults of human beings with *Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) which includes assaults by microwave and by extremely low frequency sound waves (ELF), etc.

Particularly targeted for such torture are activists, whistleblowers and others whom the fbi and their associates deem “not welcome” in the society. Thus, the fbi has decided to assault me 24/7/365 apparently for life and the assaults started about 15 years ago and continue to this moment. I have suffered extreme pain as a result of the DEW attacks, and I have listed many of the symptoms at the following link:

Another symptom of the ELF attacks is sleep deprivation which is sometimes incapacitating and always emotionally painful. See this link for more:


Alt. Link:
fbi attacks with DEW:


When I tried to seek medical help, the doctor seemed as though he worked for the fbi. The fbi are the very assassins who torture me and try to kill me on different occasions in their vendetta. So I consider the doctor’s chart regarding the DEW attacks as totally false and perhaps fraudulent. Here is his false report:


I have now verified that many individuals suffer from the sleep deprivation attacks and I have become friends with them online. Some victims (or Targeted Individuals) have been driven to the brink of distraction from the attacks; perhaps even some have contemplated a final exit as a result of the physical and psychological trauma intentionally inflicted on them by the fbi and their associates. I have at long last realized that someday I will sleep, even if only by the hand and blessing of God.

"To die: to sleep;
...and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
O sleep! O gentle sleep!
Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee...."


So, while I labor to expose the subhumans who engage in torture, forced suicide (often while being monitored), and murder, I am optimistic that my work will live on and the very evil and sadistic people who perpetrate these crimes will be exposed for exactly what they are: Satan’s kin incarnate.

Here are a few more symptoms that I have recently experienced: Microwave cause cancer on my left neck area (not from the sun, though the fbi may plausibly assert to the contrary); rapid loss of hearing in either ear (left ear being a near total loss of hearing and the right ear indicates about a 70% loss).

I have also concluded that the world is under assault by the USA, not just by the conventional weaponry as used for example in the Middle East, but by high tech assaults which are classified and used by many governments (especially the USA) to kill political adversaries to regimes friendly to the USA.

In the following links I present evidence of the decadence of civilization which is furthered by the murderous activities and corruption of the United States of America .

I have also shown how the fbi guarantees that the laws are ignored when the fbi sees the need:
Subversion of laws:


I conclude here that the USA is in fact a police state:
Police state USA:


The real fbi (the 'Burro') is not known until now:


In my recent work I outline an example of pervasive corruption of the criminal justice system by the assassins of fbi:

Dirty fbi/police/DA/judges/USPI

I show here evidence that torturers abound in our society:


…and here I suggest that many of us face a ‘Dilemma’ :


Finally, in the following link I show how the fbi and their covert death squads try to justify their otherwise fraudulently obtained court orders to torture and kill people as authorized from federal magistrate/judges


In conclusion the USA which I once defended on the battlefield is today the enemy of mankind and exemplifies in its unconscionable crime spree unprecedented in human affairs that man’s inhumanity to man is the main method by which the USA intends to enslave the world’s population.

No human being should be inhumanely deprived of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, nor happiness by the lowest form of human intellect (i.e.: the fbi/judges/legislators, etc.) who all circumvent the fundamental human, civil and constitutional laws . See my paper on this topic here:

My medical records are available in the attached document and on my main site at I defend all persons who are attacked by the criminals in the fbi, et. al. , because no medical chart can be interpreted by sane persons as a basis for torture, forced suicide and murder.

Thank you

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