Geral W. Sosbee: To the human monsters of our time    
 To the human monsters of our time
picture11 Apr 2016 @ 06:11, by Geral W. Sosbee

To all fbi/cia/cops and those in the truly 'criminal' , criminal justice system (cjs), and to all who torture my brothers & sisters relentlessly with Directed Energy Weaponry,  extremely low frequency sound waves,  painful psychological operations, imprisonment, etc.,  that by design are intended to drive the victim insane or to kill him, I must by my natural, humanitarian impulse remind you that in your cruelty, in your psychopathic and unconscionable crime spree against human beings you ultimately put all the world at risk; and at the same time you force many to take a stand against you because people of good will everywhere labor to comprehend your inhumane bestiality and how to end it. As you offer no mercy  to your victims, then unto you and all who empower and support you, understand please that your day of reckoning cometh...

From James 2:13

..."For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy...."

The laws of physics and divine nature:


The fbi/cia, for example, offer no quarter to their victims foreign & domestic.  This atrocious mindset also  portends disaster  for the people of the world because men who engage in torture and murder by profession deliver thereby a recurring message to their present & future victims and to all who are alert to the world's problems: 

that in the minds of the assailants no motive exists  to cease the ungodly aggression, and that such macabre activities as referenced herein are rewarded by government and will continue indefinitely because * violence is the mainstay of fbi/cia and similarly chartered institutions. Further, the concept of humanitarian values and of mercy are totally missing in the assaults that I describe, and
the absence of mercy in such crimes echoes in the heavens & on earth, and the barbarity of the crimes demand a reply.

The assailants whom I describe always show no mercy to their victims, many of whom are actually  human experimentees ( like rats or dogs) and this too is an obvious abomination. No opportunity is given to the victim/Target to quit the ordeal, nor to rest. 

No quarter is available to your victim and no retreat, shelter, nor protection (from the abuse)is possible. You have in effect proven that all the evil of our species throughout the milenia lives on today and is incarnate in you.

The effects of your inhumane animus  on the general population are not yet fully known publicly, but I and others study how to solve this deficiency. I, for example, devote my life to exposing you and to educating the people about your sinister character and goals.

My report on the effects on law & society of the acts of homicidal sociopaths who govern:

Finally, all efforts to reason with the quasi human monsters in the government and its cjs fail,as one cannot convince the insane of their infirmity. So, I am charged to present this report to a world somewhat in the dark on this subject.




Thank you.

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