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 Modern day Logan's Run
picture9 Apr 2016 @ 06:33, by Geral W. Sosbee

See how the theme in the movie Logan's Run parallels my story of fbi murderous assaults.

Today's corrupt criminal justice system and the secret version of the cjs forged by fbi captures millions of Americans (innocent & guilty) for removal from society, or for torture and death.

Another method of removal from our streets the unwanted  political dissidents and activists is even more secretive  and is never spoken of in polite society. That hidden program is shrouded in mystery and is so horrendous and unconscionable in practice that even the boldest journalists dare not shine a light inside the macabre subculture that executes its agenda.

 Yet, we have a glympse of that hidden, awful, and murderous program (which today is the offspring of the fbi's counterintelligence operations) in at least two productions:

First, see  the film Logan's Run (1975), starring Michael York and note the similarities between that plot and the one I present to the world online over the past 16 years.

As in Logan's Run, I show how the fbi uses ultra high tech electronic weaponry (Directed Energy Weaponry, aka: DEW; and extremely low frequency sound waves,  aka elf) to attack the subject or Target. When 'your time is up', or 'your clock is to be punched', you are 'finished' as far as the authorities are concerned. You can run, but not far. You can hide, but not well. All abandon you, unless you have a special friend who recognizes the hidden plan against you and stays with you despite the risks.

In many of my reports, such as the 20 parts of "My Story In Detail ",  I show how the supreme enemy of mankind (i.e.: the fbi) pursues me relentlessly with assaults, both physical and psychological, and how these apparent maniacs of the federal government coop police and street thugs..., doctors, lawyers , and mechanics... and many others in various industries and segments of society  to assist in efforts to drive this Target  to distraction in order 'to finish him off'. For more on the subject of the 'Enemy Within' see


As alarming as all of this may  appear, a most painful part of the dark reality of this nonfiction thriller  is the realization that so many people are eager to join in the crime spree sponsored by the  fbi. I sometimes refer to them all as the Living Dead (i.e.:LD).

No matter how far I tried to go to avoid the LD, and regardless of my unending efforts to recapture my normal life, the assassins used a tracking device (i.e.:TD) implanted in me in order to never stop the assaults on my person ; the fbi also provided all criminal associates of the fbi globally with the opportunity via the TD  to assault me literally 24/7/365 for life. I sometimes refer to the fbi's band of hoodlums

 as 'fbi/MAFIA.'  The goal of the fbi operation is always the same:  to incarcerate, force a final exit, or discreetly kill me. 

My experiences are real and also real are the stories of  many others who  have perished in their own unique form of 'Logan's Run' and whose stories may never be told. Perhaps this post can help to slightly address  that wrong.

The significance of my documentations is not difficult to comprehend, but one must be interested in the subject and generally not fearful in order  to visualize the truth that emerges in my and others'  stories:

The fbi's secret tools used to force a Target to run, or to give up on running and die,  are quite impossible to overcome; I managed longer than many others to survive because of my training and my nature; today, when a new Target is chosen (as for example presented in the case of 'Logan') he/she is most often  forced to live on the run, both physically and psychologically. 

Finally, as I did not always run from the fbi thugs (i.e,: agents and operatives ), but I often charged them intellectually, they were and are today caught off guard and somewhat stymied in their attacks. Maybe  the popular theme of 'Logan's Run' (now known to many) or the adventures of this writer as presented over a decsde and a half can offer an insight into the sordid fbi killing program that continues to this day, from sea to shining  sea, in the USA the land of the free.

While no solution is apparent  to the ritualistic  program of the fbi's selective assassination hit squads, my reports reveal the existence of the filthy operation and the criminal nature of police , fbi and media in hiding the atrocities from public view.

Thank you.

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