Geral W. Sosbee: William E. Cooper: A Tribute To You, Kind Sir    
 William E. Cooper: A Tribute To You, Kind Sir
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William E. Cooper: A Tribute To You, Kind Sir

During my college years I had the privilege and honor to work for William E. Cooper who was President and Chairman of the Board  of the Dallas Market Center (DMC) .  1)

My employment with the DMC is summarized in Bill's own words in his letter, dated October 23, 1989. 2)

I left the DMC for the army, but I returned and was welcomed by the DMC after my service. 3)

Ten years after Bill wrote the 1989  letter mentioned above (and during the months of April, May and June, 1999) I fled the USA for Thailand  in unsuccessful efforts  to escape from the fbi's horrendous terror campaign against me. Some of the details of the fbi crime spree in vendetta are described in "My Story In Detail" in my main website at sosbeevsfbidotcom.

I soon discovered that the fbi and the cia controlled the Thai authorities at will and that the physical and psychological assaults on me increased during every minute of my attempted retreat. 4) I also learned of the complete corruption of Thailand & its king; I also took notice of the underlying criminal regime that rules the nation.

I  tried to document with the US Embassy and others in government that the fbi and cia were truly engaged in terrorist acts against me in that terrible country. 5)

In my desperation  in Thailand,  I called Bill Cooper to request that he please  contact his associate (a special agent) in the fbi, Dallas, Texas, to find out why the fbi was terrorizing me. Bill honored my request, indicating that his contact in the Dallas fbi office denies any knowledge of a)the assaults on me by the fbi and b) any open fbi case or investigation of me by the fbi.

The covert assaults on me  continued in Thailand and escalated upon my return to USA.

I later visited with Bill in his office and I briefed him on the incredible and ongoing felonies committed by the fbi in efforts to silence me;  he responded, 

                                      " Outlive the bastards, Geral".

Bill was not only a giant as a civic leader, but he also understood the secret workings of the intelligence community which he knew was trying to prematurely  end my days on God's green earth. He was the paragon of friendship to one in need.

Of all my contacts during my early years, Bill forever stays in my memory as a friend who, during my time of great confusion,  tried all within his power to help me.

Rest In Peace, Wondrous Bill Cooper; my thoughts of your greatness and my abiding respect for you are integral parts of my evolving character.

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