Geral W. Sosbee: Specific evidence of fbi crimes and cover ups by police, DA, et. al.    
 Specific evidence of fbi crimes and cover ups by police, DA, et. al.
picture29 Mar 2016 @ 18:42, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report seeks to bring together evidence that I have gathered regarding the fbi's corruption of police, DA, et. al., in the fbi's efforts to silence me.

In the following links and statements I present evidence of high crimes committed against me, covered up by police and illegally ignored by the DA and others.

My report on fbi's  Corruption of U.S. Attorney, fbi Agents, DA, Police and others are here:


Evidence of fbi's corruption of Army Intelligence officer Wolf, various police officials at UT, several high ranking UT official (including the Chancellor, Counsel, et. al.):


and also at parts 19a,b,c, and part 20 for false medical report used by Detective Posada in his threats and insults against me.

Background data on my experiences with Detective Adrian Posada :




My letter to State officials regarding the fbi's corruption of all law enforcement officials so that they do not ever investigate the many felonies committed by the fbi hoodlums against me :


Attached in the above link, see the admissions and lies of the police involved in the cover up of fbi crimes. The report is dated 1-5-16 from DA representative Joanna Serrato:
I obtained the Serrato report via Texas ORA and the report issues from the DA's office. The report shows that Posada admits to not investigating my and my wife's  report of vandalism, and  that he seeks to discredit the report. Both Posada and Sgt. Martinez also falsely state that , regarding my report of fbi vandalism as follows:
                              " ultimately there was no offense to report...."

Note that Sgt. Martinez had nothing to do with the case (except to order Posada to cover up the errors he made), so Martinez fabricates his lies to protect Posada & the fbi.

Sgt.  Martinez' statement that there "was no offense to report" is a complete lie made by Martinez who together with Posada did not ever actually investigate the crime. Such lies by cops should be reported in the main stream press because now the DA himself joins in the fraud to protect fbi thugs and assassins. 

Missing from the report to the DA are the statements from Commander Paschal who confirms verbally as a result of his own investigation that my report of vandalism is valid. The statements in the Serrato report about "headlight wire" coming loose is a manufactured lie and represents an effort to mislead the reader, as there was never any issue about wirings; also, the statement from Martinez that there was no sign of tampering is false; the mechanic admitted that the head  light came out and that such is not 'characteristic' of the Nissan Sentra. Instead of actually investigating the case, the Brownsville, Texas police seek to trash my report, threaten me, and insult me with Posada's assertion to me to "take the medication." The DA accepts the absurd statements from police and also refuses to meet with me. Also, see my reports on line for over 15 years of other fbi vandalism incidents of my cars.

The DA's investigator contacts the very fbi thugs who are terrorizing me in order for the DA to prejudicially refuse my efforts to file reports of crimes against me by the fbi and police:


Finally, any objective reading of all the material that I have gathered in this matter reveals that the USA is a deadly and thoroughly corrupt police state spearheaded by the fbi.  See my reports at:

All who cover up fbi crimes, or who otherwise fail in their duty to investigate offenses committed by the fbi are de facto criminals and accessories to fbi high crimes. The names of such officials  are forever recorded as equivalent to quislings, sycophants and cowards.

For more on the global implications of fbi/police corruption see my page at world in a box:


Thank you.


All of the crimes committed against me over the past 30 years are authorized by corrupt, sociopathic,homicidal,sadistic and overpaid federal Magistrate Judges who are actually operatives for the fbi assassins in their vendetta.

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US Army Intelligence assists the fbi in torture of this combat veteran and cowardly sends me the following image of their contempt for my reporting their participation as fbi operatives in the fbi campaign and vendetta against me.  Below is the Army visit which was prompted when the Army quisling observes my report here:


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