Geral W. Sosbee: The USA is a bestial and lawless nation seeking world inhumane domination.    
 The USA is a bestial and lawless nation seeking world inhumane domination.
picture26 Mar 2016 @ 02:10, by Geral W. Sosbee

The USA is a bestial and lawless nation seeking world inhumane domination.

As I have proven over the past thirty years in thousands of posts, reports and documents, the fbi and all police groups at all levels are corrupt; all engage in crimes on a regular basis and all are subservient to the fascist  and murderous USA intelligence community,  

Even the United States Army assisted the fbi in unlawful threats against me when I tried to report crimes by the fbi and police against my person at the campus of the University of Texas. In the community of my residence I have proven corruption and threats by intimidation by the local police department and by the elected District Attorney (DA) and his investigator, all of whom covered up and prevented me from proving that fbi operatives regularly destroy or vandalize my car and assault me at various locations. All such authorities thereby assist the fbi in their felonies. Regarding the DA Investigator, he admits to communicating with the fbi against my interests at the direction of the DA and he also  refused to allow me to report to him high crimes by fbi operatives against me and my wife.

Recently, I have also demonstrated how fear of the fbi by the general population, by congress and by the members of the judiciary turn all such officials into 'quislings' and de facto accomplices to fbi crimes. In "My Story In Detail" on line I name several citizens who decided to assist the fbi in terrorizing me on behalf of the fbi. Doctors and dentists are among the terrorists who eagerly joined in the fbi assaults on me.

Federal Magistrate Judges arm the fbi with a fraudulently obtained civil court order by which, by virtue of my articles and law suit against the fbi,  these so-called judges are accomplices to fbi torture of my person and attempts on my life. Such thugs in black robes, sitting in their fortress-offices in US Courthouses and protected by homicidal and paranoid US Marshals , are criminals who are never accountable for the crimes they authorize against me and others. The fbi has been terrorizing me from the time I quit the fbi to this day; even as an attorney in El Paso, Texas, the fbi directed a Magistrate Judge there to authorize the terror campaign in retaliation for my reports of fbi high crimes (see my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014).


Thus, I suggest that indeed the USA is a true terrorist state that is run and controlled by thugs, torturers and assassins with the full support of the citizenry en queue ( See my site at 'FBI/CIA  Are Terrorists ). 

After the decades long crime spree against me continuing to date by the fbi hoodlums, the fbi brazenly and insanely  comes online in efforts to label me as a murderer because I defended this nation in combat. See my reports at 

What may one do upon discovery that the all powerful global regime which seeks to control the world and dictate the destiny of our species is intent on torturing or attempting to kill him at every turn of his life and every step he makes 24/7/365 for life.


Thank you and weep not for me ,but for mankind whom is metaphorically targeted for conversion into beasts. The lowest form of our species now violently take control of our lives and force us all to pay homage to their inhumanity by supporting their atrocities. 

 As W. B. Yeats accurately observed :

    "The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity."

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