Geral W. Sosbee: 'History of mental ilness'    
 'History of mental ilness'
picture15 Mar 2016 @ 00:49, by Geral W. Sosbee

"History of mental illness " is displayed by fbi, police and their friends and operatives in every walk of life.


I believe that we all have heard enough lies from fbi/police/media as they gang up to label their victims (of police & fbi  abuse, slander, disinformation and assassination  by so-called law enforcement ) as follows: "He has a history of mental illness".

*See my reports which depict real mental illness, psychopathology and apparent insanity of the fbi, police, their operatives, etc.


1) how the torturers of the fbi destroyed my life in their vendetta piece by piece, methodically and with malice

2) the fraudulent report of a medical doctor (fbi operative) which aims to label me as paranoid after 30 years of my documentations of fbi assaults

3) police at every location where I have lived for 20 years threaten, harass, attempt to discreetly murder me and refuse to accept my reports of felony crimes against me

4) United States Postal Inspector and Texas Department of Public Safety come to my home to insanely threaten me and my wife with arrest for crimes committed by the fbi (using my name), knowing full well that the fbi has me under a blanket surveillance 24/7/365 for 20-30 years

5) University of Texas police, chancellor, president, counsel, staff, security guards, and street thugs set up and choreograph physical and criminal attacks on me in bold but failed efforts to provoke a response so the police and fbi may arrest me

6) how the fbi has tortured me with their psychological and covert physical warfare in efforts to portray me as "mentally ill", and in efforts to kill me or force a final exit

7) how the fbi obtains a fraudulent civil court order from a corrupt judge (probably federal) so that the fbi can legally terrorize me in my home,  poison me regularly, imprison me via DEW in my own body, and slander me everywhere I go

8) how the fbi has in place a secret and macabre human experimentation program which ensnares me and which is sometime referred to as 'non-consensual human experimentation', or 'cover research'

9) the fbi, accustomed to forcing men into neuroses in order to imprison or kill them, comes on line to announce that, as I defended the USA in combat on the battlefield, I am therefore a "murderer and a possible mass murderer "


Such insane conduct by fbi and police at every level  as described above truly reflects a long history of mental illness and psychoses in the police and fbi  communities whose members  lie, beat, threaten, imprison, torture ( and sometimes force suicide while monitoring their victim),  kill or otherwise covertly assassinate our people at will and with no accountability in most cases.

Then ask how many of our people have been and are now being tortured by this regime's psychopathic  thugs by  the use of the  above described tactics; these government sponsored crimes could only be performed by homicidal sociopaths who earn a nice salary by engaging in unconscionable deeds which can only be characterized as insane in most instances.

So, listen not my fellow citizens to false attributions of 'long history of mental illness' whereby the police, fbi, and media often seek to obscure their own heinous offenses against our fellow citizens.

*Below are links to some of my reports.

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