Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi's relentless assaults    
 Fbi's relentless assaults
picture11 Mar 2016 @ 12:39, by Geral W. Sosbee

Extreme psychological assaults are increased against me as are other covert and invisible physical attacks such as the ever present bombardment in my ears by extremely low frequency sound waves (ELF, causing rapid hearing loss). Another related high tech painful attack is difficult to explain for two reasons: 1) The method is unheard of, incredible and impossible to prove 2) Any effort to present evidence of such a torturous technique may be misinterpreted as evidence of paranoia. The fbi as I have demonstrated exploits the willingness of people to accept the label, especially when a M.D. records same in the records.

During my Army service my ears suffered injuries which are aggravated by ELF and which today require  hearing aids. The VA provided me with Widex A/S, Nymoellevej 6, DK-3540 Lynge, Denmark  www.widexdotcom hearing aids which are programmed for each ear by a specialist. The remotely operated device has an operating range of three feet and all functions and  all settings are thus remotely controlled. The frequency of the device is easily available to the fbi via satellite as a result of the tracking device implanted in me.

Occasionally I notice that the settings on the  hearing aids  are remotely and dramatically changed, not by me,  to loud and unbearable levels. So, I deduce that my remote control device on the aids  is compromised.

The fbi is notorious for taking over other remote control devices for harassment purposes (i.e.: TV, car).

The other assault referenced above is psychological as follows:

A former fbi agent (hereinafter referred to  as 'NS') regularly visits my website on the page where I document the fbi's synthetic production by chemical combination of a kidney stone in my body  as set forth in part 16 of "My Story In Detail". The reason for the visit by NS is not clear, but NS has previously sent ugly messages to me as though NS monitors my posts online and at the same time shows an obsessive interest in fbi attempts on my life. I can only speculate, as may the reader, as to the possible subliminal message which NS seeks to impart.

Finally, as I have shown in other reports, the fbi's psychological attacks are of an heinous nature and are so unbelievable that I do not want to believe that this government would use such against anyone.

This report is submitted for the record.

Thank you.

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