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 USA as overhtrown by fbi/cia
picture4 Mar 2016 @ 19:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

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usa as overthrown by fbi/cia:

The two premier murderous agencies in the world, the fbi/cia, in their dirty deeds are so far beyond control that no one, no legislator/judge/president, citizen can disrupt or challenge their destructive and murderous methods and rule. All other authorities in the USA (including the police) submit to cia/fbi authority as needed.

The chief tools used by the fbi/cia to control people globally are: threat of retaliation, torture, forced suicide, harassment, character assassination and killing/mass murder. The Iraq/Afghanistan wars are examples of how the cia (in the name and by the authority of the USA) caused close to a million and one half deaths, including thousands of US soldiers. The wars were based primarily on cia ( intelligence operations which were coated with lies and fraud. The current Middle East crisis where millions are displaced, suffering or dying are the awful consequences of the work of cia and company, including those listed on the *Memorial Wall .

The secret agenda of the cia requires that the cia remain as an unheralded/unspoken nation unto itself, answerable to no outside authority and no individual.

In furtherance of the cia propaganda machine the cia maintains a special place of so called honor to celebrate and exploit the deaths in service of their own agents, operatives, assets and assassins. That place of so-called honor is the

*Memorial Wall which is ostensibly created for this purpose:


In reality the cia and their celebrated dead serve the overthrown regime that seized control of the USA by a secret and stealth coup which appeared in the form of a cia intelligence operation which to achieve the objective depended on the fbi. Today, these two groups imprison, torture, and kill people at will globally as though they, not we, are legal guardians of inalienable rights to life, liberty and property. I see no honor in such atrocities.

From time to time the cia thugs, punks, section chiefs, etc., send messages to me that they do not like my work as set forth in the link below. Last night, for example I endured severe assaults by DEW and today the usual cia 'punk' who regularly cyberstalks sends me the message that my report here ...


... is considered "fbi misconduct" and that I may infer that the increased torture by DEW is in retaliation for that report. The two links within the above Austin Indymedia post (entitled 'A Secret War Against USA by fbi / cia' ) are the Barbara Hartwell article on the cia and my post on the collapse of the constitutional government of the USA. The contents of the two links are the topic of wide spread discussion on the internet, as are my thousands of other reports on the crimes committed by the fbi/cia.

The overthrown regime of the USA just cannot seem to comprehend that they cannot get away with their plan for world inhumane domination, that men and women will not surrender to their tyrannical authority, and thugs of those two USA agencies have failed... (as mentioned by my dear and best friend Barbara Hartwell) ... "In this war for hearts, minds and souls".

I must remind the reader that these two filthy groups of men and women (fbi/cia) have destroyed the USA and threaten all the world with their unconscionable and homicidal methods; that no man or woman of conscience yet endowed with an ounce of self respect and human dignity can submit to fbi/cia brutal control.

Finally, I like to believe that I (and many of my friends and associates online) are living examples of individuals who resist the outrageous schemes and crimes committed by the sub humans in fbi/cia (including those listed on their 'Wall') all of whom I also sometimes refer to as the Living Dead.

The cowardly cia visitor to my site delivers her message of "fbi misconduct" in reference to the Barbara Hartwell report referenced above in my Austin Indymedia post.


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