Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi misinformation agents    
 Fbi misinformation agents
picture3 Mar 2016 @ 05:11, by Geral W. Sosbee

Fbi misinformation agents:
The fbi are specialists at disinformation in efforts to publicly paint their Target in false lights. Below is an example of the fbi efforts to portray Geral Sosbee as crazy. The general connotation of the phrase "hearing voices" in the context of fbi operations is that the person so presented is a potential public threat. Add to this false portrayal another online fraudulent statements that *GERAL SOSBEE is a murderer and a possible mass murderer; the picture then may arise in the mind of a neutral observer that such a portrayal demands suspicion of the person so slandered.

In the following link to a biography written by a friend of Geral Sosbee the anonymous fbi assassin using the name 'broccoli' places a link falsely showing a reference to 'GERAL SOSBEE hearing voices.'


"broccoli wrote on 2/3/16 — 19:03:50 CET"


The fact is that fbi uses DEW against me, Geral Sosbee, and I have publicly described the symptoms of such assaults. Regarding voice to skull assaults, I support those persons who report being assaulted by that technology and I suggest that all such reported attacks must be investigated and made public.

The very fact that the fbi goes to great length to impugn the sanity of whistleblowers is evidence that outrageous attempts to mislead the public is intended to turn all public officials (such as Brownsville Texas Police Detective Adrian Posada ) hostile against the Targets. Add to all of this the false medical report written by apparent fbi operative Dr. Holder and the damage to the Target is palpable.

Liars & sociopaths of fbi/cia: [link]

I am amazed that the US CONGRESS allows the fbi to engage in this kind of dirty character assassination against anyone and I suspect that a new Age of Witch Hunting ( a la Salem) is underway nationally.

Weep for America as this nation is under siege by evil and murderous fbi thugs.

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