Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi co-conspirators    
 Fbi co-conspirators
picture1 Mar 2016 @ 23:03, by Geral W. Sosbee

This is a notice to all who assist the fbi assassins against me.


I invite all police at every level, all doctors in every field and all laymen to consider the following material the next time each of you cooperate with the fbi against my interests.

First, see the false report from a M.D. who apparently serves as a key operative for the torturers, calumniators and assassins of the fbi:


Now, about fbi:


Now, about how the fbi, the most powerful agency of government domestically, in its grotesque vendetta hijacked my life in plain view, destroyed all aspects of my existence using 24/7/365 hideous assaults, executed a blanket surveillance and psychological warfare on me (for three decades globally) & continues its unprecedented crime spree against me today and apparently for the rest of my  life:

About me:


Everyone who in conspiracy  listens to or assists the fbi in any way is an accessory to the crimes of the fbi, including torture , attempted murder and multiple other felonious offenses described in my sworn affidavits of 2007 and 2014. 

Thank you.

Geral Sosbee 



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