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picture28 Feb 2016 @ 02:04, by Geral W. Sosbee


We, the world,  face in this generation an unprecedented  test of the human mind and soul that to date shows an utter  failure of most persons to effectively  address.

Wicked  men ambitious of power & corrupt at heart now direct our lives (and plot the destiny of our species),  imprison or kill us at will,  and impose their otherwise immoral and quasi demonic  values globally on mankind  to further the insane goal of world inhumane domination. 

Many among us have no time, no interest and no capacity to resist the tyrants in power; alas, some  also evince no sense of duty toward their fellow  man.  In this link I outline some of the unconscionable crimes committed by this overthrown regime and its friends; all such crimes are largely ignored by the people:


Here I explain the corruption of law and society by the very authorities in whom we place our trust:

My work captures the dilemma facing people globally under the most hideous and murderous assaults on human kind ever. The fbi and the cia spearhead the egregious attack on the world that I describe :


In this link I show how the fbi corrupts our society by crimes and implied threats of *torture committed against us in our name and by the authority we blindly grant:


Here I illuminate a few of the other invisible bullets used by the fbi assassins against 

me and others:


Finally, as the ruling class (i.e.: courts, congress, executive authority, and the wealthy) allow the exploitation of most of the rest of the population, only you and I may defy their subversive schemes by which they routinely commit crimes against humanity. 

Thank you.

* [link]

Alt link:


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