Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi crime spree continues unabated    
 Fbi crime spree continues unabated
picture20 Feb 2016 @ 16:18, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi assassins, emboldened by refusal of police to investigate crimes against my person and Detective Posada's implied threats to arrest me for my efforts to file a police report, resume a string of felonious, provocative assaults. Even Commander Paschal's statement that for my problem with the fbi, "talk with the fbi". The false report by Dr. Holder also provides cover for the assassins of fbi as they can 1)claim plausible deniability or 2) attribute paranoia to this victim of their covert crime spree. DEW assaults also continue.
Finally, I believe that a federal magistrate here may have data on the fbi's counterintelligence program against me:
United States Magistrate Judge Ronald G. Morgan.

I believe that a federal judge authorizes all fbi crimes against me. 

United States Magistrate Judge Ronald G Morgan.


(After this report is posted, the fbi assassins turn up to extreme level the DEW assaults).



Torture and the fear of torture controls the world.

"... some forms of torture are designed to inflict psychological pain or leave as little physical injury or evidence as possible while achieving the same psychological devastation. "

Evidence from my experience :



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