Geral W. Sosbee: Plausible Deniability Not Credible    
 Plausible Deniability Not Credible
picture17 Feb 2016 @ 02:47, by Geral W. Sosbee

The USA and its murderous agencies like fbi,cia,nsa,dod,etc., are accustomed to lying about their crimes against humanity and their routine unconscionable attacks on human beings.

These groups in their deceit often rely on their ability to hide their evil nature behind the curtain of a claim of 'plausible deniability' which the public accepts as sweeping denial of knowledge or responsiblity for heinous and reprehensible crimes.

Deniablity, however, spreads thin when credible testimony, telling photos, dying declarations of vctims, and other overpowering evidence of their cimes spree (such as I and others present) are accepted as inescapable fact globally.

My service to the overthrown regime that pretends to represent the USA and my seven decades
on earth also speak volumes as to my credibility, especially as I have every reason to expose the tyrants as my enemy and as the enemy of mankind.

For more specific data on USA secret, painful and often deadly crimes see the methods used by fbi to torture me via assaults with DEW (directed energy weaponry ), chemicals, biological agents, by doctors and street thugs acting as operatives, etc.

Then, understand that all the world, except the hypnotised American population, reject the absurd 'plausible deniability ' defense sometimes used by fbi,cia to prevent further inquiry.

See also the Abu Ghraib link and other photos here (viewer discretion advised):


After I posted the above report on plausible deniability, the fbi terrorists destroyed my phone's car charging adapter . Then, as they also followed me to replace the adapter, the fbi thugs on the same evening entered my home and disconnected a small section of my tablet charging unit. The messages from the terrorists in this mind game are numerous. Of course, plausible deniability is one such message.

February 19,2016, fbi sends a familiar operative to provocatively assault me again in the mall. He is accompanied by another thug who serves as a witness. The fbi has an operative/judge standing by if any need arise.
See my update of February 8, 2002 where the fbi notifies me (via broken toothpicks) of their intention to break me:

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