Geral W. Sosbee: The purge in crime free zones    
 The purge in crime free zones
picture16 Feb 2016 @ 22:44, by Geral W. Sosbee

The unspoken program in the USA and other nations:

Purge from society all activists, and specific political and 'unsalvageable' Targets by turning the lives of such persons into 'crime free zones' where, by secret court or executive/administrative order, all offenses committed against him/her for life are by definition not crimes. *No legitimate police report, no investigation, no prosecution is permitted on behalf of the beleaguered Target and no law suit by the Target may obtain. The Target in effect awaits in the zone the next barrage of unconscionable attacks without recourse. Most such attacks against the unfortunate human guinea pig are orchestrated by fbi,police,cia. One notable inhumane assault on the Target occurs 24/7 and is pure torture of the Target via DEW (directed energy weaponry) for life.

In the event that the Target defend against assaults, then the police and fbi are authorized to arrest or kill him/her.

In the following link are a few of such offenses against the Targets who are in effect guinea pigs (g p) in an open season for g p torture & g p slaying games by fbi,police,judges,citizens,et al. The crimes of mayhem, torture, forced suicide, gruesome attempted murder, and assassination of g p candidates who exist in their respective crime free zone await further explication when I recover from the ongoing gauntlet of assaults in my own crime free zone.

For proof of such a cime free zone in my life as ordered by fbi serial killers see my docmmentations online.


Thank you kindly.


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