Geral W. Sosbee: Police and fbi crimes    
 Police and fbi crimes
picture16 Feb 2016 @ 05:28, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi and the police routinely send innocent men and women to prison with lies and fabricated evidence. Often, the two groups nation wide also murder our people in cold blood unnecessarily. I have fully documented many crimes by the fbi and now I also present irrefutable evidence of police atrocities under color of law .

See my affidavits on line for fbi and police offenses, and see my site at, part 19,a,b,c, for additional police crimes. Finally, see my reports on offenses by LA COPS and more recently crimes against me by Brownsville, Texas police .None of these cops and fbi thugs should ever be allowed to testify against an accused. Yet, these liars in blue often appear before juries to
send good and innocent people to jail, or to their deaths. The DA and the AG and others in high office refuse to act on my proof of these police crimes. Thus, all such officials are culpable as accessories to police and fbi crimes, including crimes against humanity.


Corrupt judges join in the fbi/police crime spree :

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