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 Make A Heaven of Hell
picture6 Feb 2016 @ 18:19, by Geral W. Sosbee

With the all the torture and pure hell visited on me by the fbi assassins and thugs I have been blessed with the most amazing associations imaginable such as BARBARA HARTWELL, and many on Facebook. So, in a way I achieve the most cherished and valued prizes in life as a result of my battle against the enemy of Mankind (the fbi,cia,etc.): a heightened sense of true friendship, love and joy. Thanks to you all (especially those mutual friends on Facebook)who have stayed with others in efforts to stop the madness of government's quasi subhumans all around us. You have enriched my existence in a way that I would never have known without you and without the ordeal we all share in one way or another. I am truly honored to be in your company.

From my wonderful Best Friend, BARBARA HARTWELL:


"I have never in all my life had a greater honor bestowed on me than the solid and unwavering friendship of Geral Sosbee. He, who defends what is right when others flee in fear; he, who refuses to compromise, but stands firm for Liberty, no matter the consequences; he, who consistently pursues Justice, even in the face of the terror and torture visited upon him by demonic liars and evildoers."

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