Geral W. Sosbee: the low nature of fbi operatives & supporters    
 the low nature of fbi operatives & supporters
6 Jan 2016 @ 01:50, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi, police and their civilian operatives engage around the clock in activity that reflects sick character which is thereby permanently lowered due to the macabre practices that such low minds embrace. They
harass, assault, threaten, arrest, beat, imprison torture, force suicide and assassinate. Such are the actions of men and women who allow their own demented nature to act out in violent, illegal and hateful campaigns against innocent Targets.

All who support the fbi by actively
assaulting or otherwise seeking to harm the Target of the fbi's attempted murder campaign against that Target are accomplices to the crimes committed by the fbi. Police and civilians alike eagerly provide their services to assassins in the fbi as though they are a part of the fbi's government homicidal apparatus. For these collusions the community of police & fbi have destroyed our society, undermined our laws and converted the USA into a fascist state.

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