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 Our dilemma
picture4 Jan 2016 @ 17:14, by Geral W. Sosbee

Our dilemma

Never in the history of the United States ( US) have the people been so inhumanely treated by their government. The police and the fbi kill, imprison, torture and otherwise abuse at will and with the complete support of the courts and the congress. Even when the victim of such abuses finally reaches the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), the so-called justices there throw out his pleadings and deny all relief.

I have come to understand that the fbi controls the judges and the magistrates when needed, especially to silence whistleblowers in the intelligence services. Indeed the magistrates and judges depend on the fbi for clearances in order to be appointed to the bench; once in office the judges and magistrates at the federal level also depend on the fbi to protect the judges whose chambers are always available to the fbi as needed. Such judges then sit in their marbles offices and sign orders submitted by the fbi that are patently illegal. These orders are secret and sealed, and they are presented in summary form to local police and others who 'need to know'.

The fbi also uses the unlawful orders to poison and to drive to near neurosis the Target/victim who endures an unending stream of crimes committed against him/her by the fbi, police, and citizenry.

See the links below for more information on the above statements. Note that, as I am active with the State Bar of Texas, I have discovered the possible identity of a judge/magistrate who engages by proxy in the atrocities that I describe; he and other judges/magistrates across the country authorize in criminal collusion with the fbi the unconscionable crimes that I have documented for the past thirty (30) years.

Thus, as the executive branch of government is totally out of control and lawless and the congress is slovenly, corrupt and useless to the victim of the crimes I describe, the only avenue for one asserting human, civil and constitutional rights is the judiciary. Today the judiciary is generally engaged in criminal conspiracies with the fbi, the cia, the nsa, etc. wherein the courts directly and secretly authorize the torture, imprisonment, and killing of our people who have no other recourse to address the life and death issues facing them. [link]

Here are some links with brief descriptions:

Collapse of government by Judges, magistrates and fbi:


Judges out of control:


Insane cops/fbi kill, torture and imprison people with no real accountability:


Corrupt judges and federal magistrates allow the fbi to subvert the law, to formulate secret, inhumane public policy (i.e.: law) and thereby provide the fbi with the authority to commit crimes in the name of the secret judges:

An example of fbi corruption of local police nationwide in efforts to provoke the Target, or to deny the Target the equal protection of the law, while the fbi commits court authorized crimes against the Target:


My Writ:


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