Geral W. Sosbee: corruption of society by fbi assassins    
 corruption of society by fbi assassins
picture1 Jan 2016 @ 23:31, by Geral W. Sosbee

Below are a few examples of the fbi/police corruption which reveal a hidden agenda by the law enforcement community to cooperate with fbi against a given Target. Understand that the felonies committed by police and fbi are SOP.

The fbi's abandonment of respect for constitutional rights of citizens is reflected across the nation by incidents of fbi misconduct and criminal activity; all law enforcement agencies follow fbi dual standards of unbridled arrogance and accelerating decadence. The growing chasm of distrust between the people and traitorous government agents threatens the very fabric of our constitutional government. 
Click Here For Statement On The Intentions Of The fbi Against Targets.

LA POLICE: Arambula & Thomas


Gardena Police:


Brownsville Police refuse to investigate, upon order from AG attempts to cover up police offenses:


UT Police, *Texas DPS and USPI engage in extended & prolonged crimes against me in concert with fbi assassins in failed  efforts to arrest me.


Plus fraudulent UT  BOLO:


* [link]



Criminals employed in fbi and police agencies are no different from serial killers and torturers in the general population:


The general population acts as coopted fbi/police operatives in crimes against me:





Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity ~ Marshall McLuhan

Today fbi/cia continues the practices of notorious psychopath Nazi Joseph Mengele and the two murderous agencies engage around the clock in similar atrocities as were committed by Mengele himself. Few tried to stop him and he evaded capture the rest of his life after the fall of Nazi Germany.

Fbi/cia torturers similarly engage in torture, forced suicide, murder, and as they are allowed to operate anonymously will never be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. We modern victims of such fiendish crimes (including those committed by medical doctors, dentists and other health care providers, as I have touched on in my reports- see part 20 of "My Story In Detail") represent a microcosm of the new holocaust now underway. While we may number now in the tens of millions, all the earth's inhabitants live under the threat or fear of joining our ranks.

As the heinous crimes of our millennium mount, the people cower & tremble under the omnipresent, and menacing images of fbi/cia/police murderers. Ironically, we who are now being tortured and murdered are in a sense freed from substantial fear because all is taken from us, except our last breath. When relief comes, many of us will thank God for deliverance from the torture and pain. 

Meanwhile, the at large population and future generations will not generally live free of fear because they will have accepted the standard of mind control, the threats of torture/forced suicide and the possibility of bad death at the hands of the most atrocious killers of all time: fbi, cia, police, operatives, and quasi robotic members of the controlled communities globally.

Thank you kindly. geral


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