Geral W. Sosbee: fbi high jacks my life and the USA    
 fbi high jacks my life and the USA
picture30 Dec 2015 @ 05:13, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report combines several other posts as evidence that this government and the people are held hostage by murderers in the fbi and their supporters.

I have proven that the fbi/cia with the informed consent and implied approval of the congress and the courts, corrupts and turn into assassins (and accessories to high crimes such as torture, forced suicide , false imprisonment and murder) doctors, lawyers, judges, police and average citizens at will. All such persons in service to the fbi engage in unrelenting felonious assaults on me 24/7 for almost three decades with not a single bit of resistance from any quarter. Some recent assaults on me are shown here


High level cops join as operatives for the fbi and act as criminals in failed efforts to arrest, or kill me.


At the same time the fbi tortures me with DEW and enlists a medical doctor to mistreat, mislabel, falsify medical records, and seek a way via his medical credentials to 'shut me up.'
See the method of torture here and see the fraudulent medical report in many of my articles on line.


Ask what you would do if your life is high jacked by government killers and if your sanity is intentionally attacked by homicidal sociopaths:

[link] report:

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