Geral W. Sosbee: Predictability of homicidal fbi/police    
 Predictability of homicidal fbi/police
picture8 Dec 2015 @ 22:35, by Geral W. Sosbee

We may reasonably predict more police brutality and more police killings of innocent people:

One may legitimately be a harsh critic of the homicidal psychopaths, serial killers, torturers, mass murderers, and unmitigated brutality of members of the law enforcement community (and their supporters in the civilian population) because often ‘they were born that way' and cannot help themselves.

Their violent conduct is often predictable from birth and they (the fbi/cops/USPI, etc.) are on a global spree of torture, wrongful imprisonment, forced suicide, extreme brutality, macabre bestiality , and other homicidal conduct unprecedented in human affairs.

Even the stress associated with their employment as police and fbi provide a certain predictability of their continuing criminal behavior.*

Thus, in defense of the general population, we as a people must require a thorough psychiatric evaluation of those whom we depend upon to protect our fundamental rights, lest they kill or imprison us for our opinions of their insanity.


Failure to address this profound societal problem leads, predictably, to more murderous abuses by the law enforcement community as directed by fbi thugs.

Thank you.

*"Although many more people are killed by police than kill police, many of the former instances do not appear justified. Laws limiting the use of deadly force sometimes permit its use against anyone fleeing police custody. Although police regulations are more limiting than the law, there is little indication that departmental rules are enforced stringently. Prosecutors also appear to be extremely reluctant to prosecute police who have killed citizens. In short, the system appears to function to protect police officers who have killed citizens." Arthur L. Kobler


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