Geral W. Sosbee: Quandary & Crisis Facing USA    
 Quandary & Crisis Facing USA
picture6 Dec 2015 @ 04:17, by Geral W. Sosbee

The scoundrels who run USA and its corrupt allies (eg: Germany, France, Bulgaria , Thailand, England, Saudi Arabia, Canada , etc.) now cannot hide the facts:

that their respective domestic torture and and murder operations are costly and unsustainable, that world repulsion to inhumane assaults on millions of people is not good press (even for tyrants who try to control the press), that at some point the various international banks must scale back their support for high dollar valuations due to macro economic and political forces, that USA'S debt of $ 17 trillion can no longer be carried on the backs of other nations, and that a day of reckoning is inevitable.

This means that the 'dollar' cannot hold its lofty levels for much longer because people everywhere question why the world supports USA atrocities (both foreign & domestic) by allowing the dollar to serve as the basis for international trading.
When the time is ripe China , Russia , and many others must encourage the dollar to slide in pursuit of a realignment of. geopolitical forces aimed at stopping USA'S NWO as spearheaded by fbi, cia, dod, mossad, surete,ss, etc.

The USA no doubt finds that the only way to handle a flailing dollar and a declining opinion of inhumane USA by the global population is 1)to print 'mucho dolares' and 2) to scale back, or hide, mass murders, tortures and other crimes against humanity.

Thank you .

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