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 The power of one
picture15 Nov 2015 @ 03:54, by Geral W. Sosbee

This combat veteran, I, who innocently defended this corrupt country at risk of death continues today to defend all mankind, even as this murderous fascist State ( once known as the USA) tortures, falsely *labels & tries to kill me; I have never quit my struggle to expose the evil fbi,cia,police,dod and their global allies because my life and every conscious moment of my existence is devoted (as though ordained by our Maker) to stop the mass murderers, torturers, serial killers and homicidal sociopaths here in the United States of America from their global killing spree.

Now, if I in my resolve, alone and as an unquestioned patriot to the former USA can bring forward challenges to fascist rule by this overthrown regime (as spearheaded by fbi and cia thugs), imagine the strength and force about to impact the tyrants here by similarly dedicated human beings who recognize that the ultimate goal of the present brutal authority is world inhumane domination at any cost.


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