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 A Modest Theoretical Proposal
picture8 Nov 2015 @ 01:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

...and where are all the geniuses who could offer suggestions on how to improve the human condition!

A Modest Theoretical Proposal To End Gross Abuses Of Human Beings :

Remove all governments from power, educate the masses regarding their rights and responsibilities, and allow all the world's people to govern themselves in a manner consistent with universally recognized human and civil rights.

Inescapable violence always emanates from government against the people . Today, the murderous attacks and incessant threats reflect rule by a global coalition of bellicose regimes bent on world inhumane domination:


Some of my studies :

About me (typo in the following data: my name has always been spelled 'Geral'):


Here is a response to the above report from one who is quick to criticize and slow to advocate for a humane world where human rights are considered supreme:


"Touchingly naive 08.Nov.2015 10:18


Mike Novack link

"allow all the world's people to govern themselves in a manner consistent with universally recognized human and civil rights."
Oh, I understand, you know what these universally recognized human and civil rights are. Unfortunately, there are a lot of humans on this planet who think the a different set of human and civil rights is the correct one for us all to live by.
Look, I also believe in a set of human and civil rights. But what I don't believe is that your set an mine match."

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Sosbee responds to sneaky 'touchingly': to simplify, stop all killing, torturing & imprisoning; remove from power all who advocate for war and all who defend the present murderous, corrupt regime; require all to state their true names and affiliations (such as fbi operatives) when posting on line, especially troublemakers and fraudsters .

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