Geral W. Sosbee: Consequences of fbi high tech assaults on our people    
 Consequences of fbi high tech assaults on our people
picture3 Nov 2015 @ 20:56, by Geral W. Sosbee

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Re: Cointel Program fbi Operative Falsely labels Combat War Vet a " Murderer"
In my previous reports on line I provided proof that fbi operatives who are busy torturing me with DEW (directed energy weaponry) as well as assaults by chemical/biological agents and psychological assaults operations by fbi thugs & assassins, actually come online and fraudulently label me as a ‘murderer’ or a ‘possible mass murderer’ as a result of my combat duty in service to the USA in Viet Nam.
Today I realize that in fact the fbi intends that their victims of DEW and ELF (extremely low frequency sound waves) sometimes do in fact go crazy and engage in violent reactions to the torture that they endure. Two individuals listed below (May and Alexis) are examples of the consequences of fbi assaults by DEW.
1)Myron May, JD, is another victim of government torture via DEW assaults:


"He believed government "stalkers" were harassing him and using a "direct energy weapon" to hurt him."


2)Yet another victim is Aaron Alexis:

False report that attempts to cover up DEW attacks on Aaron Alexis::

"Aaron Alexis was under "the delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves"

In fact both Myron May and Aaron Alexis were under attack as I am. See another false report on me that seeks to discredit my decades of documentation:


In the following report by Paul Baird he shows examples of such horrible, but often predictable consequences to assaults on people by the neurophones and related high tech weaponry.
In my case I react to the DEW assaults by documenting online, in court and in Congress the fbi’s unending crime spree against me.

I am grateful to Paul Baird for the data which is borrowed from his site shown below:
“The following is a brief list of criminals known / suspected to have been “triggered” by agencies using Neurophones”:

First two are
* Timothy McVeigh Executed Oklahoma city bomber.
* David Koresh Killed at Waco siege massacre.

See full list on Paul Baird's site:


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