Geral W. Sosbee: Fbi pranks on line    
 Fbi pranks on line
31 Oct 2015 @ 05:32, by Geral W. Sosbee

fbi plants misleading data on Internet to mislead.

In the fbi's desperation to detract from my work online the fbi invades an administrative ranking service and plants fraudulent references & images intentionally meant to publicly mislabel my work and associations.

See fraudulent images planted by fbi on the *following site in efforts to confuse the public by showing fictitious images associated with SOSBEE v
See the false images here:


The images of DHS have no relevance to my reports of unconscionable crimes by the fbi, except to show my legitimate **medical clearance.

*The DHS images are planted here:


The 'nerdydata' group is also not properly showing legitimate images associated with

DHS, by allowing fbi to control administrative functions/records/associations, is a de facto operative for the fbi's counterintelligence operations and is therefore an instrument of oppression against the reporters of fbi/cia atrocities.



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