Geral W. Sosbee: Victory For First Amendment Against fbi Thugs    
 Victory For First Amendment Against fbi Thugs
picture28 Oct 2015 @ 19:31, by Geral W. Sosbee

Intro:The Freedom of Speech right under the United States Constitution, like many other fundamental rights, are often subverted by the fbi at will.

A week ago I posted online that the Texas Bar Journal improperly in my opinion blocked the publication of *my proposed advertisement for the November, 2015, issue of the Texas Bar Journal. My report may be seen here:


Today, the Texas State Bar Journal reverses the decision to block the ad as stated in this email to me from the Texas Bar Journal:

from: tbjmail
to: ""
date: Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 10:59 AM
subject: FW: for review

Dear Mr. Sosbee:

After editorial review, it has been determined that your classified advertisement submission will be published in the next issue of the Texas Bar Journal.

We have decided to waive the advertising fee for this submission, in consideration for any inconvenience the delay in publication may have caused.

The Texas Bar Journal


For the record I intend to offer my expertise in court or in administrative hearings on the subject of fbi’s unlawful activities and macabre culture for the benefit of individuals charged, pending charges, about to be charged, already convicted, or on appeal in any case (civil or criminal) where the fbi had any input into the proceedings via fbi testimony (including by fbi operatives & informants), laboratory results, field investigations, etc.

Also, my testimony is expected to refute evidence in some instances submitted to the courts by other federal and state agencies that sent their own investigators to gather evidence/statements on the directions (overt or covert) of the fbi.
For additional information on these subjects see my sworn affidavits dated 2007 & 2014 at:


Note that in any case where the attorney for the defense may suspect fbi perjury, or fabricated/suppressed evidence (by any person affiliated with the fbi) is of interest to me. Pro Bono cases which are in the ‘suspicious fbi’ category are also included in my work because my purpose is to stop the thugs, torturers and assassins of the fbi from their unconscionable deeds. Judges who authorize fbi’s otherwise illegal conduct may also be revealed in my testimony. All such judicial officers should be impeached and removed from the Bar. See my Writ and the Rodriguez case:


Here is my proposed ad which is now scheduled to appear in the next issue of the Texas Bar Journal:

"FOR THE DEFENSE in cases prosecuted by FBI: Geral Sosbee, witness to macabre culture and unlawful practice of the FBI."
For more background data on me see the fbi history book online and see the following link where my first name is mistakenly spelled as ‘Gerald”. [link]

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