Geral W. Sosbee: *The United States of America: The World’s Assassination Nation    
  *The United States of America: The World’s Assassination Nation
picture28 Oct 2015 @ 16:16, by Geral W. Sosbee

As I have shown for the past fifteen years, the United States government is run by homicidal sociopaths who are put in office by the ruling (rich) class and their followers. The actual dirty work that keeps the tyrants and their media moguls in power is performed by murderers, trained assassins, torturers, and an army of fbi agents, operatives (including their street thugs), police, military and citizens from all walks of life. The inhumanity and barbarity that I have outlined in my reports of fbi assaults in their failed efforts to silence me include continuing torture, attempts on my life and constant mind games by methods that I have previously listed in “My Story In Detail” and related links and articles. A general summary of the fbi’s crimes against me are here:

The general population supports the criminals in high office (congress, courts and executive departments & administrative agencies) by not questioning their murderous tactics; doctors, lawyers, academics and other professionals actually become operatives for the fbi’s macabre programs which include mayhem, torture, forced suicide, discreet assassination, etc. See “My Story In Detail” (including part 20) and see


The fbi also turns citizens against a political or ideological Target in order to provoke a response. Many such citizens have criminal records including murder, counterfeiting, assaults and battery, theft, fraud, tax evasion, wife beating, etc. Some of these Americans actually gain employment in high paying federal jobs as a result of their cooperation with the fbi, secret service, etc. In other words the worst personalities among us are attacking some of the hardest working and most accomplished people in society. Something is terribly wrong in the USA when such atrocities are accepted as norm, even given the general recognition that a police state is formed here.

See the following report on Anti War Blog for a reminder of how the fbi engages in mass murder and other crimes including the killing of children; also there, see my comments which have links to several of my posts on topic:


Persons (including the popular media personalities) in this country who promote or support the ruthless tactics used by the fbi and the police to imprison or kill our fellow human beings are ignoring a central issue: the USA engages in similar sub human conduct globally in order to consolidate power with key allies whose leaders are similarly motivated to march in lockstep toward the dual goals of world inhumane domination and political control of outer space. See my report on “World In A Box”. As I do not accept such insane conduct by Americans and their leaders, I am certain that others who live in the far corners of the world also take a dim view of such violence visited upon them by this overthrown and preposterous regime.

Thank you and God’s speed to those who are still among the living.


*The title is borrowed from Seymour Hersch ( see my “World In A Box”).

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