Geral W. Sosbee: Update On The Misconduct By the Texas State Bar Against Me    
 Update On The Misconduct By the Texas State Bar Against Me
picture22 Oct 2015 @ 17:35, by Geral W. Sosbee

This is an update to my previous reports on the apparent corruption of the State Bar Of Texas by the fbi. See the *link below ,or


Apparently the same Texas State Bar Official (TSBO) who improperly prevented the publication of my **ad for the November, 2015 Bar Journal, again reviews my material online as shown in the site meter image below. On the visit the tyrant studies the medical clearance data which contradict the fbi vicious libel campaign against me; thus, the TSBO may be in possession of the fbi smear campaign which the TSBO may have used as an illegitimate reason to block my lawful ad.

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** my proposed ad wrongfully blocked from publication by the Texas State Bar:


"FOR THE DEFENSE in cases prosecuted by FBI: Geral Sosbee, witness to macabre culture and unlawful practice of the FBI."


Note that the Texas State Bar is far exceeding its legitimate function by allowing the fbi in any manner to prevent me from reaching other attorneys and the general public via the Texas State Bar Journal with regards to massive fbi murderous corruption and unconscionable crimes against my person. For details see "My Story In Detail" and related links & sites on line. In summary, the TSBO who is busy trying to justify the violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution by the TSBO also serves the interest of the very torturers and assassins in the fbi who are the focus of most of my research and writing, and who continue to torture and try to discreetly kill me as I type this update.

The police state is thus forced on the people by such bureaucrats who assist the fbi in their wholesale crime spree against me and others at will and with total impunity. The nation is kept in the dark by cowards hiding behind keyboards in positions of power.



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