Geral W. Sosbee: The State Bar of Texas Against This Attorney/fbi whistleblower    
 The State Bar of Texas Against This Attorney/fbi whistleblower
picture21 Oct 2015 @ 18:01, by Geral W. Sosbee

The State Bar of Texas Engages In Questionable Practices Against This Attorney/ fbi Whistleblower

This report is intended to show evidence of the fbi’s unlawful interference with state and federal agencies (inter alia) and their employees in efforts to prevent me from enjoying all the rights and privileges to which I am entitled by law as a citizen and as an attorney, teacher, researcher and *publisher. So, one must ask why the Texas State Bar would repeatedly act so unprofessionally, improperly and probably unlawfully against this attorney as I have documented.

The Texas State Bar is aware that I am a licensed attorney in good standing, that I have never received any adverse action on my license, that I have never been accused of any offense (civil or criminal) in my life that I am aware of, and that my credentials as a former fbi Special Agent (intelligence section for national security) and as an adjunct professional instructor of law at several colleges and universities is well established.


fbi history book with a copy of the American Jurisprudence Award:


My four reports online regarding the State Bar of Texas:

January, 2001, Texas State Bar Journal Ad:

2006: The Texas State Bar misrepresents the status of Attorney Geral Sosbee by falsely indicating that he is not eligible to practice law:


2008, My response to a Texas State Bar Journal Article (not related to me):

Committed To Healing, A Fraud


Texas State Bar Journal Rejected (unlawfully and unethically in my opinion) my proposed ad for the November, 2015 issue:


Here is the proposed ad:

"FOR THE DEFENSE in cases prosecuted by FBI: Geral Sosbee, witness to macabre culture and unlawful practice of the FBI."

Note that the Texas State Bar representative apparently visits my site at several times prior to the rejection of my ad; then after I requested the reason for the rejection, the same Bar employee apparently visits my site again, and also visits & reviews some of my papers that are published at the site as follows:

16:35 Oct 20 Profile Austin, TX

As of this date no response is provided to me from the State Bar of Texas regarding their blocking of my proposed November, 2015 ad referenced above.
Inasmuch as the Texas State Bar is a part of the state judiciary (i.e., the Supreme Court of Texas) I am not generally allowed access to their records as to why the ad was rejected and who made the decision to block the ad.

For evidence of fbi unlawful interference with other state and federal agencies and employees in order to intimidate me and to unlawfully prejudice my fundamental rights, see these links:

Texas Workforce Commission:


US military intelligence, university police extensive assaults on me:

and parts 19a, 19b, 19c.

Federal and State cops unlawfully descend on my home in fraudulent fishing expedition:


False medical reports:

medical fraud:


Texas State Board Dental Examiners:


For more data see “My Story In Detail” and related links online.
See Also:


* and:
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“ is a social networking website for academics. It was launched in September 2008[3] and had over 21 million registered users as of April 2015. The platform can be used to share papers, monitor their impact, and follow the research in a particular field. was founded by Richard Price, who raised $600,000 from Spark Ventures, Brent Hoberman, and others.”

Thank you.


PS: fbi operative at Department of State sends me the harassing message shown below on behalf of his friends/assassins at fbi. Note that the US Department of State is run by cowards who by negligence or malfeasance allowed the torture and murder of the USA Ambassador in Benghazi. The fbi/cia/state department (DS) all pretend that the attack was no big deal. Even Hillary states regarding the Benghazi attack, "it doesn't make any difference?'' So, these are the people (fbi,cia,DS) who allow the fbi/cia to engage in all kinds of crimes globally and who also harass me as I have documented.

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For Update to this report see:


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