Geral W. Sosbee: The cjs is cruel and unusual    
 The cjs is cruel and unusual
picture20 Oct 2015 @ 17:09, by Geral W. Sosbee

This report on the corrupt & murderous cjs offers a framework for further studies.

The USA’s cjs Is Cruel & Unusual

The United States (US) criminal justice system (cjs) consists of the fbi, police agencies and legal maneuvers designed by this government governments to mandate individual crime and to exact severe penalties for the violation of standards. The leader of the members of the US police agencies are the fbi who absurdly take pride in themselves for training most police leaders in the US. Law enforcement generally spends large sums of money for their operations which are estimated at around a hundred billion; the cia spends an estimated fifty billion, but their budget and that of the fbi are mainly secret, as are their revenue sources. See, for example
My reports on fbi/cia corruption and criminal activities globally.

Today’s cjs “…disconnects people from their communities, fills prisons and jails, and costs taxpayers billions.”


The beating and killing of our people on the streets (and in our face) reflects the unbridled arrogance of the fbi and their subordinate cops at every level who seem to think that they have a popular mandate and a right to engage in their macabre acts.

Thus, the current evidence of the formation of a police state in the US compels one to examine the culture that permits the atrocities that we see daily (and 24/7) that are committed by the police, fbi, prisons, attorneys, etc. Such an analysis (or a working framework for additional study) is not possible when the government attacks those who shine the light on the murderous system whose members threaten, harass, beat, torture, imprison, force suicide, and kill the Targets.

As I have shown, whistleblowers are often driven out of society by the fbi at will and with the cooperation of the general public which accepts as valid the lies and misrepresentations and calumny spread by the fbi and associates in the private sector.

The fbi’s stranglehold on the nation is thus achieved and perpetuated by a sinister and deadly program that most citizens neither recognize, nor comprehend.
fbi’s secret and murderous CJS:

The ‘Age of Madness’ is upon us by the fbi/police expansion of powers within the corrupt CJS.


I propose the elimination of the fbi,cia,police and all the trappings of the modern, decadent cjs that make this society a living hell for many people and that threatens all of us in one way or another. The death penalty for example and the new law that authorizes the fbi/police to kill a suspect fleeing in a motor vehicle are signs of our failing civilization.


Massive incarcerations by the millions in the US evince a cjs out of control. Additionally, the fbi and their friends now have expanded the incarceration methods to included forced imprisonment in ones own body by the use of directed energy weaponry (DEW) which incapacitates innocent individuals as the fbi and their covert operatives (judges) may dictate.


As a fbi whistleblower, I am subjected to the high tech assaults by DEW and by 24/7 harassment by fbi low level agents and street thugs. For details see “My Story In Detail” online, and see:


Additional data:

The formation of a global cjs seeks to imprison civilization and its inhabitants in a box:


Innocent people terrorized by the madmen of CJS:

A new perspective:

Finally, let us remove the cjs and thereby free the billions of dollars currently used against us; the money can be better spent by helping people in crisis and turning this nation into a humane leader of nations for the betterment of humanity.

Thank you.

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