Geral W. Sosbee: A United Front Is Required Against Cruelty, Torture & Murder    
 A United Front Is Required Against Cruelty, Torture & Murder
picture18 Oct 2015 @ 18:57, by Geral W. Sosbee

A United Front Is Required Against Cruelty, Torture & Murder

Many individuals who are pursued, harassed, and maligned by government assassins/torturers (and their vigilante friends/accomplices) are homeless, in war zones, on the run, in prison and jails, or are otherwise often not able to describe in writing the horrid ordeal that they experience; they have no means of asking for and no viable hope of receiving assistance from attorneys, the press, the congress, nor the courts (not that anyone in these groups would be inclined to help people in crisis); so, these folks (God's children, all) are totally abandoned by their fellow citizens unto the cruel tongues/weapons of sociopathic soldiers, cops, fbi, cia, judges, etc. who are obsessed with bringing them great harm.

Now, I must put this question to all Americans of conscience on behalf of our abandoned kin everywhere:


I hope that…

…I may live in the hearts & minds of those persecuted/prosecuted/imprisoned/tortured/murdered by the deranged sociopaths who dress in the attire of law men and soldiers, or who otherwise drape themselves in the colors of our national flag; that in the end the aggression which aims to preserve the decadent ruling class and the murderous, inhumane government of the United States of America must
S T O P!

Educate the people:


Defender of Liberty against all murderous tyrants , foreign and domestic.


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