Geral W. Sosbee: Global significance of USA crimes againt me    
 Global significance of USA crimes againt me
picture15 Oct 2015 @ 18:26, by Geral W. Sosbee

Global significance of fbi,cia,dod,doj crimes against me

As I have documented in my online articles, my writ, letters to congress and related media, the fbi shows no restraint, legal nor ethical, in their attacks on me in efforts to silence my voice and to prevent me from reporting the atrocities. This post represents a summary of some important information which all people might want to understand. In the links below (and related links) I show a few of the methods and practices of the fbi, cia, doj, Texas DPS, UT police, US PI and other cops at all levels (together with the implied backing of the thugs in both congress and SCOTUS) which include assaults 24/7/365 for life, torture and attempts at murder of my person by fbi low minded special agents and operatives who are armed with high tech torture and killing tools such as DEW and chemical/biological weaponry.

The failure of the United States (USA) government to reign in the excesses of fbi,cia,dod with regard to their criminal attacks on me have a larger meaning on a global scale. The unconscionable crimes committed by the USA against people and governments worldwide also show no slowing by these murderous groups (fbi,cia,doj,dod, etc.); no oversight by any authority exists and no appeal is possible to human beings subjected to the atrocities ongoing.

With regard to my reports and my main website at, I notice that many visitors come to the site from fbi approved and sponsored smear sites against my material, so that the visitor will appear simply as one who is looking for information on Geral Sosbee by searching for ‘over the top websites’, or ‘the worst website in the world’. In this way the visitor to my site may feel less vulnerable to fbi retaliation for interest in my material.

Here are links to my reports with brief descriptions before each link:

Dominant alpha group:


War on disenfranchised:

Destroy lives, imprison & kill people:


We are the meanest:


Fascist State:


My papers:

Age of Madness ( a methodology):


USPI & Texas DPS with fbi via wireless surveillance:


Criminal abuse of global disease surveillance system:


Torture Target (victim) with high tech, space based technology which is hidden from public view by government and by main street media, By Institute of Science in Society:


Recent assaults on me at public libraries:


While I am not a vindictive person, I believe that others globally may not share my peaceful posture as they too are being tortured and murdered by this overthrown government and its equally misguided allies.

Thank you.

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