Geral W. Sosbee: The fbi continues to assault me in the library    
 The fbi continues to assault me in the library
picture15 Oct 2015 @ 15:50, by Geral W. Sosbee

As I have previously documented the fbi sends their operatives into the public libraries in Brownsville and Harlingen, Texas, to assault and to criminally commit battery of my person.

See: [link]

and: [link]

Sometimes the fbi tears up my car which is parked at the Veterans Memorial, adjacent to the library in Brownsville.

The fbi also uses the same operative who tried to kill me and my wife over a decade ago by pouring toxic fumes into my residence:


and: [link]

The same beast of a human being continues to enter the library to make presence known. Usually, such an appearance is followed by increased sleep deprivation. The librarians ignore my reports of crimes against my person, and they even seem to avoid seeing me in the library. The fact that the fbi continues to use this same serial stalker and apparent assassin against me is in itself evidence of the complete abandonment of any sense of law and decency in the USA by the fbi, congress and courts.

On several occasions the fbi sends different thugs into the library to interrupt my work on the computer by touching me on my back or shoulder, or by asking me for assistance in guarding their paper bags, or by asking if I have a gasoline container in my car, etc.The fbi knows (by their 24/7 surveillance of me-both video and audio- in my home) that this kind of provocative battery on my person is particularly disturbing to me as a result of my service in the US Army, Viet Nam.

The motive for the assaults is to discourage me from making my reports online, especially as I and my wife recently contacted several high level Mexican officials regarding crimes against us and our property in Mexico. Indeed, after our recent contacts with the Mexican officials, they made some inquiry on behalf of my wife. Then, I notice visits to my reports on fbi crimes against us from 'anonymous proxy' (possibly in Mexico)as shown in the following image from


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