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 Indictment of the legal profession
picture9 Oct 2015 @ 19:11, by Geral W. Sosbee

Indictment of the legal profession

For the entire time that the fbi has engaged in its vendetta to silence me from reporting their crimes I have tried to consult with or notify lawyers, judges, politicians and others nationwide about the unconscionable offenses committed against me by the fbi. My reports of such *inhumane actions are online at different sites. See for example and other recent reports on topic.

In the January 2001, issue of the Texas State Bar Journal (Vol.64,No.1,p.55) I notified the Texas State Bar (and I put on notice all members of the Texas Legal community) via my website that the fbi consists of torturers, terrorists and assassins and that the government of the U.S. as represented by the false public image of the three distinct and co-equal branches , --i.e., the executive, judicial, and legislative-- is a fraud . Yet, the Texas legal community ignored the information which I provided prior to the 911 attack on the U.S. and which forewarned of global distrust of the U.S. as a result of fbi/cia terrorist practices worldwide. The ad:

Today, I again suggest that the legal community could better, more effectively defend their clients (or better serve the interests of justice in civil and criminal cases) by my offering to testify. Here is the advertisement that will appear in the Texas Bar Journal, November issue, 2015:
FOR THE DEFENSE in cases prosecuted by FBI: Geral Sosbee, witness to macabre culture and unlawful practice of the FBI. ;

Specifically, I have documented a string of crimes against me and others by the very law enforcement agency that is most responsible for protecting civil and constitutional rights of residents and citizens. [link]

As all lawyers seem to fear or support the fbi across the board, not a single attorney, judge, nor congressman has attempted to hold the fbi accountable. The result of the lethargy of professional and laymen alike to address the fbi’s crimes spree is the disintegration of law at every level by the entire law enforcement and legal communities.

Below is the timeline of my efforts in court to stop the fbi’s assaults on me which continue today and include torture, attempted murder and extensive surveillance with character assassination of unbelievable intensity:
Filed law suit in United States District Court, Los Angeles, California, 6-2-2000, against the fbi and DOJ for civil rights violation, Docket # 00CV5910 (Mcx);
Filed Appeal with the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, San Francisco, California, 12-21-2000, Docket # CA 00 56179;
Filed Writ to the United States Supreme Court, Washington, D.C., 7-27-2001, Case Citing 534US894.

Note that while my case was pending at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I placed the advertisement in the Texas State Bar Journal mentioned above in January, 2001. At that time the fbi was busy stealing all of my mail, so I flew to Austin, Texas from Los Angeles, California, to place the ad in the hands of the Texas State Bar Journal editor. When the Texas State Bar Journal notified me yesterday that my November ad, for 2015, is approved, the fbi in its usual antics sent a thug to my home to ‘burn rubber’ in my driveway and also increased DEW assaults on me.
The crimes committed by the fbi that I have documented extensively for twenty eight years continue to this moment with no end in sight. Many others individuals also suffer from similar assaults that are intended to drive the Target (victim) insane, or to at least destroy a person’s life and leave him/her in a state of unendurable existence. I must ask, “What can be done when the legal community ignores this state of affairs?”

Answer: I do not agree with Shakespeare’s solution, but I think we should fire all the attorneys everywhere and start all over.

Finally: [link]

For my background data see:

New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy:

fbi police instructor:

*See Also: fbi’s ‘raison d’etre’:

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