Geral W. Sosbee: Summary of fbi, doj terrorists' assaults on me    
 Summary of fbi, doj terrorists' assaults on me
picture6 Oct 2015 @ 15:51, by Geral W. Sosbee

Fbi, congress , doj, judges all participate in the torture and attempted murder of this reporter
(The word torture includes actions to induce physical & psychological torment and agony):


US Attorney:


fbi/cia counterintelligence program (cointelpro) is an anachronism for a macabre, cowardly, psychopathic and murderous destruction campaign against selected individuals:


Unkind messages are delivered to me everywhere I go:


More hate messages:


The police engage in threats, assault and battery, attempts at provocations:


and parts 19, a,b.

Federal and state cops join in the fbi’s orchestrated cointelpro:


USPI is thoroughly corrupted by fbi:


My affidavit on USPI:

Previously the Brownsville, Texas Police Department refused to investigate the following crimes against me and my wife at the Shidler residence, even though I identifiy likely (or certain) suspects in the crimes:

1) fbi operative sprays gas or toxic fumes into my home
2) neighbor assaults us with his car as though to hit us
3) Burglary and trashing of the residence

Today, the fbi turns the entire neighborhood on Madrid Avenue against me and causes many crimes against my person and property almost daily. At the same time the fbi increases DEW assaults, 24/7 surveillance of and home invasions into my residence and car, and delivers terrorist messages to me by taking over the remote devices of TV and car and by destruction of and tampering with my personal property and car.

Fbi’s gratuitous evil:

These types of crimes have been recurring for the past twenty five years globally.

Thank you.

The Age of Madness is forced upon the USA by madmen in high culture, by fbi/cia/police, and by their supporters, advocates & apologists.

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