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 weep for usa
picture4 Oct 2015 @ 11:28, by Geral W. Sosbee

Top cops in USA continue their illegal denial of my FOIA request . Why ?

Because the fraudulent investigation is intended to continue from 2013 to an indefinite time in order to threaten this writer with arrest for showing the fundamental and pervasive corruption of the fbi, uspi, texas dps, etc, and the *overthrow of the US government by the intelligence community.

The uspi and the fbi are engaged in unconscionable crimes and cover ups, even as their criminal agents try to provoke this Target. Weep for this nation & for all the world, not for me, because fear of the fbi/MAFIA grips all.


Submission to the authority of hoodlums & assassins of the overthrown government of the United States of America (i.e., fbi,cia,dod,police) establishes at once one's identity and his legacy. Thus, as the present regime is ruled by criminals and sociopaths all citizens are of questionable 1) integrity and 2) in some instances sanity.

Police State Madness:

Drones may in theory legally be used by fbi/police to kill fleeing, innocent suspect in a vehicle.


Never mind that the cop or fbi thug may be insane, corrupt and homicidal, and that you have no reasonable basis to accept the illegal and abusive order.Note in the following link the stated desire of the fbi to kill me.
So, why would I stop on order of a psychopathic cop or fbi agent/killer!


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