Geral W. Sosbee: fbi/cia/USA aggravate Mexico's many problems    
 fbi/cia/USA aggravate Mexico's many problems
picture1 Oct 2015 @ 15:50, by Geral W. Sosbee

My wife is from Mexico and when the fbi gassed me in my condominium in Brownsville, Texas, I temporarily moved into her home in Matamoros, Mexico. From that time to the present the fbi continues the same type of assaults on me and on her as I have endured here in the USA for the past twenty eight years. Specifically, the fbi thugs here and in Matamoros vandalize our property, plant snakes, dead dogs, taratulas and dead rats in and around the property, throw trash inside the property, and turn all neighbors against us, etc. Today the fbi prevents the sale of the Matamoros property by intercepting potential buyers and by controlling realtors who pretend to have offers on the property.

In some instances the fbi sends Mexican thugs to try to pick a fight with me when I enter Mexico to assist my wife. Also, the fbi directs the USHS and the Border Patrol to extensively harass us every time we enter the USA in our car from Mexico.

All such actions by the fbi are not unusual, as the fbi and the cia perform similar illegal and unethical deeds globally (see my reports on Thailand, Japan, & the Dominican Republic).

The Mexican government is struggling to maintain some degree of social order in the midst of rampant Mafia activity which over the recent past has taken at least a hundred thousand lives. Tens of millions of Mexicans live in extreme poverty, in prison, or flee as refugees across the borders. Mexican armed forces patrol the streets, heavily in the border towns, and shoot outs (or firefights) in broad daylight and at night are not uncommon.

I ask the people of the USA this question: “ why do you permit the fbi to add to the problems facing Mexico by sending provocateurs and other troublemakers into that country at will to persecute political Targets such as me.?” I also recently spoke with a Mexican federal special agent in the intelligence community (i.e.: Policía Federal Ministerial, PFM ). He expressed a universal contempt for the government of the USA and for the people here who permit the exploitation of their country by the ruling elite of the USA. I also learned how precarious the government there is as a result of the corruption of almost all local police agencies and many state police groups. The few federal troops and intelligence professionals who seek to stabilize the nation cannot (in my opinion) prevent the inevitable collapse of society in Mexico because extreme poverty spreads, as does panic and hopelessness.

So, for the fbi and the cia to continue to run their criminal operatives into Mexico is in itself part of the Mexican dilemma. The US congress and courts do not seem concerned with the plight of humans in Mexico; the politicians here simply say that they will build bigger and better walls, will deport millions of Mexicans and others, and will kill many more immigrants who try to cross the frontier. The Mexican people are similarly frustrated with the USA and perhaps for this reason, the neighbors around my wife’s property are eager to assault me (a gringo) at the direction of the local Mexican authority who acts as de facto fbi operatives.


Fbi edited the Secario script, approved the showing and programs the public to accept atrocities depicted therein.
Note that the fbi movie 'Sicario' announces to the world how the fbi intends to retaliate from now on against criminals who come to the USA.

Many little 'Secarios' take place everyday:
fbi/cia/USA thugs aggravate Mexico's many problems:


My reports on the fbi assassins:

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