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picture29 Sep 2015 @ 02:02, by Geral W. Sosbee

"You never thought you'd become the person you are now, til the world made it impossible for you to be the happy person you once were." J. Seabrook.
Today I seek to destroy the assasins of the fbi and the institution of the fbi itself. I leave the similar task to remove the cia from existence for someone else. My happiness is in knowing that I worked and suffered for the highest goal possible for man: the improvement of the human condition. Thank you.

After I posted the above report, the fbi expressed displeasure as follows: hid the report repeatedly from New Civilization Network, increased DEW attack, planted a big dead rat in my drive,
sent their thug operative to 'burn rubber' in my drive, and harassed my wife by vandalizing her home in Matamoros, Mexico.

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