Geral W. Sosbee: Corruption at USPI, fbi, Texas DPS    
 Corruption at USPI, fbi, Texas DPS
picture22 Sep 2015 @ 04:05, by Geral W. Sosbee

Evidence of the complete corruption of USPI, fbi & Texas DPS:

Fbi, USPI & Texas DPS all reveal their complete corruption and cowardice.  See the evidence in the links below .

For over two and one half years I have regularly requested a copy of the USPI report (of 2013) regarding a fictitious investigation of me by that agency.

 As of today the USPI ignores my repeated, written, lawful  requests . During my most recent letter to the PI, I advised that official that I will publish the report if provided because that report (together with other evidence) is expected to show crimes and cover ups by fbi, USPI & Texas DPS .

The US Postal Inspector abandons all pretense of obeying the FOIA and related laws by trashing my letters, by pretending that I am under investigation and by impliedly threatening me on behalf of the assassins of the fbi. 

Thus, the United States government (under the corrupt authority of the fbi) reveals contempt for all laws that seek to protect citizens from the illegal and sometimes murderous operations of federal law enforcement officials.

Below are some links to my reports on this subject.




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