Geral W. Sosbee: The Whitey Bulger Movie is fictional    
 The Whitey Bulger Movie is fictional
picture20 Sep 2015 @ 20:21, by Geral W. Sosbee

*Masters of Deceit (fbi) edited every detail of the Bulger movie in order to hide the truth.

The Bulger Movie As A Big Fraud:

The Bulger movie fraudulently presents fbi/doj real roles in massive cover up of heinous crimes by fbi agents and their informants & operatives (mafia types). Such crimes as torture, false imprisonment of innocent people, threats, and murders continue today with full cooperation of doj and fbi.
Widespread gang of fbi/MAFIA:

Only when doj involvement in the fbi/Mafia crimes was about to be revealed in the movie did doj push for public disclosure. Thus doj is guilty before and after the fact and as accessory to all the crimes directed by Bulger & John Connolly.

NEWS of fbi murderous crimes of fbi agent John J. Connolly Jr.:


"It would be one thing if he were a rogue agent, acting alone. But that is not the case. Over three decades beginning in the 1960s, 18 FBI agents either broke the law or violated federal guidelines. In 1965, the FBI framed four innocent men in a gangland murder to protect two mobsters it was trying to cultivate as informants, and then let the innocent men rot in jail for decades."

The fbi dictates to doj which cases the fbi wants to prosecute. Political murders and forced suicides are also encouraged by doj when fbi deems appropriate.

doj guilty knowledge:

The media also plays a role in cover up of crimes, or by feigning ignorance.


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