Geral W. Sosbee: Cowardly and Murderous United States of America    
 Cowardly and Murderous United States of America
picture17 Sep 2015 @ 18:04, by Geral W. Sosbee

The above photo reflects my service as a young soldier who believed in the integrity of the USA.

Below are the links to my summary reports that show the disintegration of the United States of America as a direct result of the overthrow of this government by the assassins of the intelligence services, namely fbi/cia/nsa/dod.

As a result of the success of my recent posts online, the fbi during the past 48 hours performs the following assaults on me (psychological & physical):

Increase DEW assaults causing extreme and prolonged sleep deprivation

Drive by my residence in the middle of the night and throw trash in my front yard

Open the garage door and take over the electronic remote controls of my car and my TV, manipulating same in efforts to send me some kind of message

Come into my home to tamper with my property and to inject poison into my food (a previous message to me from the fbi on this topic is as follows: “we can deliver drugs anywhere”)

About a month ago the fbi caused a neighbor to send three children (ages 5-10) to vandalize my residence (I filed a police report)

The purpose for this update is to notify the people that the information herein is

1) similar to the crimes against me by the fbi for the past 25 years

2) that the fbi thugs are on my case 24/7/365 without pause

3) these low hoodlums (or sub humans) actually make me their career

4) that the United States of America is run by a cowardly gang of sociopaths and killers

5) that failed leadership of the United States of America portends ill for a nation whose military follows the directions of the fbi/cia ( e.g.: see military intelligence assist the fbi in trying to fraudulently set me up for arrest by the thugs of the UT police department): [link]

6) Follow me around in the mall and turn merchants, employees and guests against me by showing them a fraudulent civil court order against me

7) The mall employees and merchants then harass me every time I enter the mall

My other experiences at the receiving end of the US intelligence community’s crimes:

Collapse of this government:


Would you serve a nation that would attack you for honorably defending that nation on the battlefield?


The cowardly nature of this government is fully encouraged by the courts, congress and the president.


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