Geral W. Sosbee: Universal Condemnation of USA Atrocities Emerge    
 Universal Condemnation of USA Atrocities Emerge
11 Sep 2015 @ 01:42, by Geral W. Sosbee

The fbi and their kind globally engage in torture and vicious physical and psycholoical assaults on victims which are so horrendous that most people hsve no conception of the evil genesis in our speces of such horror. These quasi monsters (not unlike Nazi Eichman) are sadistic and brutal murderers whose specialty requires a sociopathic character. That specialty is punctuated by forcing the victim into a final exit, or by killing the defenseless person by firearms or by discreet methods of assassination.

Mind games on the Target are so atrocious that they are unspeakable and as such demand the expressed repulsion of all mankind. In this report I reference my previous report as a kind of universal statement of condemnation. The USA can no longer avoid responsibility for the fbi/cia,/police crimes that I and my associates document.

Psychological operations by the fbi are clearly designed to drive the target insane.
For the details see "My Story In Detail" in twenty parts, my reports of 'gaslighting' techniques used daily, my reports and articles of harassment by police and neighbors, and my documentations of serious bodily injuries sustained by fbi's criminal assaults.

America Lost:

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