Geral W. Sosbee: fbi operative j robert upton takes on a new alias    
 fbi operative j robert upton takes on a new alias
picture1 Sep 2015 @ 16:17, by Geral W. Sosbee

Apparent fbi operative, aka J. Robert Upton, aka Monique Abu Jamal, aka geral is tiresome, aka Andre Bresee []

etc. now takes a new name and face as shown in his ad hominem assault/comment here:

Andre Bresee:

"I’ll be the first to agree that the CIA & FBI (also BATF & DEA) have violated American’s civil rights on numerous occasions. They have been known to shoot without warning and raid without evidence; but your story sounds like absolute crazy-sauce. Implanted with synthetic kidney stones, stalked by FBI in public libraries, implanting poison in your teeth? That is some wackadoodle stuff."

Sosbee notes: My reports on the fbi's use of chemical combinations to cause the formation of a synthetic kidney stone in me (and related offenses) are fully documented at
[link] .


As for the assaults at the library, such stalking and harassment crimes continue to date.

Regarding Bresee's statement, "implanting poison in your teeth?" I add that such an idea is not impossible to envision.

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