Geral W. Sosbee: Group Think, A Reduction Of The Human Faculty    
  Group Think, A Reduction Of The Human Faculty
5 Aug 2015 @ 17:48, by Geral W. Sosbee

My statements on the corruption of man and society follow.

Men who allow the group to shape, mold, program, or control their thinking, agenda, or motivation are often reduced to a single and simplified composite which is the common denominator of the band whose members also submit to collective group think. Such phenomena are seen in the community of cops, fbi, neighborhood vigilantes, dod, nsa, congress, courts, etc., whose objectives are usually alien to the humanitarian spirit that distinguishes man from other animals. Indeed the brutality and murderous activities of these groups shape the minds of all who serve in their ranks.

A man must 1)determine his own character, 2) think for himself and 3)follow his own self-made direction in life, even at the cost of death. Otherwise all of society sinks into organized chaos by the weight of organized shallowness as seen, for example, in today’s global police state which is spearheaded by the *assassins and torturers of the fbi, police, etc.

The difficulty in life sometimes presents as a choice between the barbarism of society and government as set against the freedom and independence of everyman.


When the conflict arises, many men discover that they cannot submit to corrupt authority; and the universal dilemma then confronts them. Perhaps only the best of our species ever recognize and overcome such a quandary.


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