Geral W. Sosbee: moderators, et al guilty as accessories    
 moderators, et al guilty as accessories
picture24 Jul 2015 @ 18:24, by Geral W. Sosbee

All groups , moderators, and persons who block or prevent publication of this report are preventing the people from reading the truth about the murderous usa. Such interference with my work is detrimental to society because the evil that I describe concerning fbi,cia,nsa,dod's torture & kill campaigns hangs invisibly over all humans and threatens all, even when they are not cognizant of the terrible sub humans who engage in the atrocities that I outline. To each such cowardly moderator and Indy group: you are guilty as accessories to crimes against humanity committed by fbi, cia because you knowingly hide the offenses that all mankind needs to see.

July 29, 2015:
Fbi recently directed an operative to befriend me for fraudulent sting purposes.
The operative presents as violent, hateful, anti usa and possibly associated with an international terrorist group. I declined the friendship offer and blocked the fool.
All such sting efforts and provocative assaults against me have failed .

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