Geral W. Sosbee: fbi and company expand their criminal empire    
 fbi and company expand their criminal empire
picture18 Jul 2015 @ 16:45, by Geral W. Sosbee


The fbi is a criminal syndicate, homicidal in its credo and always looking for and often gaining new ways to terrorize and imprison/murder our people:


The most egregious violators of human rights in America today is the fbi ( referred below as the ‘burro’)and their pólice followers.

For a hundred years the burro ( and the police) have been threatening, torturing, imprisoning, forcing suicide and killing people often for no justifiable cause. The burro now expands their attacks on our people by adding a new area of so-called criminal law that promises at once to give them even more sweeping and abusive powers over society and at the same time , paradoxically, to spotlight the corrupt power of the burro over our lives. The new law authorizes the assassins and torturers of the burro to investigate ”animal cruelty”, even as the most cruel and inhumane assaults on our people (like me, and perhaps you, for example) are committed 24/7/365 by burro agents, operatives, informants, contacts, street thugs and burro’s police.

I edit the following excerpts from the new law for my purposes from:


The burro (i.e. the fbi) announces that animal cruelty is a Group A felony with its own category — the same way crimes like homicide, arson and assault are listed. Of course the burro does not define ‘animal’, so as to intentionally exclude from the definition the burro’s cruelty toward our people. Neither does the burro define cruelty which I define as threats, assaults, false imprisonment, torture, forced suicide, murder, etc., against any member of the animal kingdom (not just against dogs).The burro in its new found power proclaims that gross neglect, intentional abuse, torture, and organized abuse, are all crimes that will be tracked.

I suggest that the people look closely at these statements by the burro because the burro everyday violates all of the above alleged offenses as I and many others document for decades; and the burro goes far beyond violating their own strictures referenced above as they engage in prolonged violations of human (i.e. animal), civil and constitutional rights of human beings around the clock, and they do so for monetary gain and for increased power.

Does the burro think that humans are less deserving of humane treatment than dogs, cats, etc.? Does the burro actually believe that they can continue to torture and kill human animals while claiming to protect dogs? Yes, because the people are afraid to shut down the burro’s killing machine in efforts to search for a more effective and compassionate way to deal with confused people. One must remember that the fbi engages in their unconscionable offenses during their entire careers and thereafter; their bread and butter is gained by their own demented pursuit of imagined offenses that do not exist, except within their own minds. Note that the burro once poisoned my beloved dog while they were also torturing me in El Paso, Texas, almost thirty years ago.

The burro also regularly employs extreme and cruel psychological warfare on many innocent human Targets for political or ideological purposes and with the ultimate goal of ending the life of their human prey. For more on the burro’s cruelty see reports on torture by Directed Energy Weaponry and other offenses by the burro online.


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