Geral W. Sosbee: Spain boldly joins fbi/cia in world inhumane domination    
 Spain boldly joins fbi/cia in world inhumane domination
picture17 Jul 2015 @ 15:37, by Geral W. Sosbee

Spain’s intelligence Centro Nacional de Inteligencia, deletes my report on global atrocities committed by fbi/cia and their friends like Spain. Note that Spain keeps its people in poverty, while a small group of Spaniards control most of the wealth. In their first message to me (shown in the site meter image below) the intel power advises me that they remotely control all that is submitted to Barcelona Indymedia:

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Then, Spain’s intel sends me this message, indicating “News and Comment have no interest outside its sphere of influence and that is not in this site”.

Indymedia Barcelona webmaster@localhost via

6:44 AM (3 hours ago)

to me

El vostre article (498185) titulat «abominaciones modernas» ha estat eliminat de la columna de noticies, pel grup de moderacio.
El codi d'eliminacio fou: Other.
Els seguents comentaris foren anotats a la vista del vostre contingut:
FORA DE CONTEXT: Notícia o Comentari que no tenen cap interès fora del seu àmbit d'influència, i que no és pas el d'aquest lloc web

L'article ja no esta disponible a internet.
Podeu respondre aquest missatge si teniu qualsevol questio sobre aquesta accio.
Gracies; el colectiu de Indymedia Barcelona.

Vuestro articulo (498185) titulado «abominaciones modernas» ha sido eliminado de la columna de noticias, por el grupo de moderacion.
El codigo de eliminacion fue: Other.
Los siguientes comentarios fueron anotados a la vista de vuestro contenido:
FORA DE CONTEXT: Notícia o Comentari que no tenen cap interès fora del seu àmbit d'influència, i que no és pas el d'aquest lloc web

El articulo ya no esta disponible en internet.
Pueden responder este mensaje si teneis cualquier cuestion sobre esta accion.
Gracias; el colectivo de Indymedia Barcelona.

Your article (498185) entitled "abominaciones modernas" has been removed from the newswire by the moderation group.
The deletion code was: Other.
The following comments were noted regarding your content:
FORA DE CONTEXT: Notícia o Comentari que no tenen cap interès fora del seu àmbit d'influència, i que no és pas el d'aquest lloc web

The article is no longer available online.
Feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions regarding this action.
Thank you; The Indymedia Barcelona Collective.

My original reports on "Modern Abominations" are shown in the links below in Spanish and English:




All governments rule their respective domains as though the people have no right, no need, no voice, & no legitimate interest in how they are governed . I am here to tell the murderous tyrants that all of their secret crimes and plots are hereby revealed in the name of the people and for the eternal benefit of mankind.

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