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 Modern Abomination
picture16 Jul 2015 @ 07:58, by Geral W. Sosbee

History now records that man's inhumanity to fellow man has a new chapter . Like the cruelty and bestiality that marked the issues of slavery in the USA and extermination of the Jews (and others) during the Nazi Holocaust, the current use by governments (such as USA) of high tech torture weaponry to disable , enslave, imprison, force into suicide, or murder Targets is this generation's shameful and universally recognized ABOMINATION. The imposition of sleep deprivation and other heinous assaults are committed by sub humans who pretend to be sane; persons who deny such atrocities or who otherwise ignore the suffering will be remembered as war criminals even as they are a part of the ruling elite and the high culture . This group includes the congress, courts, the president and all in power.



High tech assaults:

Wrong deemed right:


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